Arthur’s Nightmare Game Online

Why are horror games so popular? Because it lets everyone feel emotions, which aren’t possible in reality. For instance, will you be happy, if someone with a huge axe was running behind you? Would you feel safe, if you were trapped in a house, which doesn’t have an obvious way-out? Of course, not, because all of us want to live long and happy life, and situations, which make us tremble with fear, can’t make us cheerful. But that only touches reality. Sometimes we want to tickle our nerves and die a couple of times, without any influence on our reality. It’s so cool to sit in a cozy armchair and run from something or someone very scary, and this is why horror games will never lose their popularity. Arthur’s Nightmare is another game in this genre, and if you are here, you should know a couple of interesting facts about this game.


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What is it about?

Arthur’s Nightmare is a horror game, and you are the one, who participate in it. At least, it is how it looks, because this is a first-person game. You are a usual person, who is trapped in a house, in which you obviously don’t want to be. Unfortunately, this is boy’s native house, and it suddenly turned into a complete mess to him. So, you want to get out from it, but something goes wrong, and as in every nightmare you can’t end it the very moment you want to do this. This cartoonish world absorbs you for long three nights, and you will be able to get rid of this place only at the end of the fourth night. Well, of course, if you manage to survive till this last night. It seems to you that four nights aren’t enough? Well, maybe it is really so, but on the other hand, you will complete the mission quicker, and you can re-play it whenever you want. Also such short game will find its place in collection of those gamers, who don’t have too much time on completing certain missions. Also, those, who lived in 90’s will find certain similarity with popular show with the same name – Arthur, and get a bit nostalgic about it. If you are not familiar with this show – that’s not a big deal, because you will enjoy the game just the way it is, without any references.

How to play?

So, you an Arthur, who is trapped inside his nightmare, and you definitely want to get out of it. How can you do it? You will see the objective on the top of screen, and it is searching of various objects. These items are called Wooglies, and you have to scan every object in order to see whether this is it or not. You have four nights, and every night has ten objects for you to find. There are people, who don’t want your character to get out of the house, and they would do everything to keep him in. this is his family, but truly dear people wouldn’t do such terrible things. You may find a device on the second night, which might help your character to orient much better, but it has limited battery, and it will die anytime, and you will continue your searches without any help. The atmosphere will become gloomier and gloomier, and music will make you shiver, so you should be ready to this beforehand. When you manage to survive, then you will feel on the top of the world, and become more confident, and it is well worth playing the game, right?