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Arthur’s Nightmare 2018

You know what they say about TV and cartoon characters. They live in a virtual reality and can communicate with us, for instance, through our dreams. That’s what happened to you the other night as you were sleeping peacefully in your bed. You were dreaming of getting into a strange house that looks ominous and abandoned. Walking from room to room and moving between the furniture, you know that you have to find something… You search the drawers, look under the sofa, rummage in the laundry bin… There! It’s something that looks like a toy and is called Wooglie. You have to find ten of those for the dream to end and for you to get out of the creepy house. So you set out to explore the building that appears to have several floors and multiple rooms. Plenty of job for you to do!

As you continue your search, you can’t help but wonder whose house is that. And quite soon you get the answer! When you open another door, there is nobody other than Arthur himself staring at you blankly with building eyes! Gosh, what happened to him? He got ugly and scary! And what’s that creepy behavior? He used to be such a nice fellow! Then you start to remember…

Yes, it was the letter you sent to the animation studio telling how disgruntled you are about the way the cartoon characters are drawn. You said it ruins the whole thing. Seems like Arthur didn’t take it well… And now he wants to avenge you! While you are in your dream, you can do nothing about it. Just collect the Wooglies and hope you don’t run into Arthur or any of his spooky kin around the corner! You need to survive four nights and then you’ll wake up and everything will be all right!