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Arthur’s Nightmare Fuel

Arthur’s Nightmare with full fuel will take you to a creepy house of a famous cartoon character. You have been dreaming of visiting his place for so long, but it turned out to be a trap and the generous host suddenly became a terrifying monster. You’ll be locked here over the course of four days. To successfully survive a day, find 10 Wooglies scattered around the building. They can be just anywhere, so look carefully, don’t skip even the smallest corner. As you come up to a furniture item, you’ll see the search bar and if there is a Wooglie there, the counter at the top of the screen will grow. Beware, though: when you get close to gathering all 10 Wooglies, the lights will go red, you’ll see menacing thorns coming out of the ceiling and the rooms will be filled with an alarming sound. All this will keep going on until your discover the final Wooglie and then the day will be over.

The second day, you’ll get a special device for tracking the movement of Arthur around the house. Locate his presence and avoid going in the same direction. Keep an eye on the indicators on the gadget screen to find out if Arthur is any close. If you fail to choose a safe route, he’ll appear behind the door you are opening or in the dark corner of the room and jumpscare you. Then the game will be over and you’ll have to begin everything from scratch. As you proceed through the gameplay, more characters will be added to hinder you in your searches. You’ll meet Arthur’s little sister and parents who are can’t be called the most pleasant people on earth either. Pick your way with great caution if you hope to last until the end of the game. Those who used to watch the cartoon back in the 90’s will be also pleased to find some Easter eggs in the story. However, the animation has been altered in a rather spooky manner and the whole house looks quite threatening. If you want to test the firmness of your nerves, go ahead!