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Arthur’s Nightmare Horror

If you watched Arthur, a popular kids’ TV show from the 90’s, you’ll be thrilled to play this horror remake of your favorite cartoon! In this game, Arthur is not quite so friendly as you may remember him. In fact, he’s out to get you! All because you were incautious enough to express your concerns with the show’s animation in a letter to the studio. It seems Arthur didn’t like your feedback! He’s eager to take his vengeance and enters your dream where you are locked in his house. Can your spend four nights in this grim building full of scary things? Let’s find out!

The house is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors that you need to explore in order to collect ten Wooglies that will allow you to escape. Beware, Arthur is on the watch! He’ll show up when you least expect it and do everything to jump scare you. There are also his parents and little sister D.W. haunting you all over the place. How can you successfully discover all the items you need in the surroundings like that? You’ll be helped by a special tracking device to simplify your task. But use it wisely since the power is limited. If the gadget turns off, you will be left without protection and the creepy family will attack you immediately!

Those familiar with the original TV show will find some clues and references to it in the game. On rare occasions, you can also run into Baldi while walking from one area into another. The whole atmosphere is rather spooky, with disturbing red light illuminating the dark rooms and creepily drawn characters making their moves on you in a manner that makes you twitch and jump up on your computer chair. Even though it’s just a cartoon, it can really freak you out! No matter how scared you are, keep searching! The key to freedom is at arm’s length, you just need to reach out for another Wooglie…