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Arthur’s Nightmare Ending

There are many games based on popular cartoon and Arthur’s Nightmares is yet another one of them. This time you’ll find yourself in a quite creepy house with little light and plenty of rooms to search for strange items named Wooglies. Collecting ten of those will gain you access to the next level. But first you need to find where they’re hidden. Move from one furniture item to another and linger nearby for a couple of seconds until the search is complete. If a Wooglie is there, you’ll see it added on the counter at the top of the screen. When you get close to picking up the necessary number of Wooglies, the room will go red and you’ll hear unsettling howling. There will also be spikes protruding from the ceiling to creep you out even more. That means the threat is near. Prepare for the worst!

But collecting Wooglies isn’t the only thing you have to do in this game. You also need to avoid Arthur who is hanging around waiting for the right moment to scare you. If he succeeds, the game will end and everything will start again. So make sure you don’t run into him opening another door. You’ll be able to track his movement using a device that indicates Arthur’s activity. The flashing dot on the monitor shows if he’s any close. If you see that, don’t just stand still, get on your feet and make it out of there!

Aside from Arthur, there will be other characters chasing you in this gloomy building. Watch out for his parents and also his small sister. Though they aren’t as dangerous as Arthur himself, it’s no particular pleasure meeting them. You can also occasionally run into Baldi, another well-known character featured in a game of his own. At first, searching for Wooglies will be rather simple, but your task will become more and more complicated every night. Can you make it through all four nights and escape Arthur’s house safe and sound? The game will show! Pull together all your courage, keep your eyes peeled and let’s begin!