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Remember an old cartoon called Arthur? The main hero is back in a new online game loosely based on the original story. However, you won’t quite recognize him, nor the way he looks neither the way he behaves. According to the game, you come to his home for a friendly visit, but instead get trapped inside for a total of four nights. During that time, you need to find 10 Wooglies for the night to end. Once you successfully accomplish the task four times, you will be released. But don’t think this is going to be easy… Arthur is watching you and waiting for the right moment to appear out of nowhere when you don’t expect it. If you bump into him while exploring the premises, you’ll lose and the game will start over again. Use a movement-tracking device to follow Arthur and avoid him during your searches. The Wooglies  can be hidden anywhere: in the furniture, in the fridge, even in the laundry bin. While you are absorbed by your mission, it’s easy to forget about the necessity to track Arthur, but that’s mortally dangerous! Also stay away from the antagonist’s family that will show up later. Enjoy a horror take on your favorite kids’ TV show, discover the evil side of Arthur and, most importantly, make it out of his house alive!