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Arthur’s Nightmare 2

Every person faces various nightmares, and we need to learn to cope with them. Are you ready to dive into a world, full of unexpected events and sounds? Arthur’s Nightmare has something, which will tickle your nerves. This is a first-person horror game, which has plenty of stressful moments, and it gets more and more difficult, when it comes to its logical end. The game looks like the classical cartoon, but it has nothing to do with this genre, which is usually considered to be kind and positive. Though, this game has no reference to this genre, and you will find this out the very moment you load the game and get acquainted with the first peculiarities.

Everything in this game is created to scare you. When you open the first night, and see your first task, it seems that there is nothing difficult, and you will cope with everything. Though, as you make a little progress into the game, you will see that the game becomes more horrible. The light changes, and you start hearing awful sounds. Isn’t this enough to make you lose your mind? Then a limited battery will be added. You need to concentrate on the process of searching, but how can you do this in disturbing situation, where everything seems to work against you?

There are four nights in the game, and you need to complete each of them to stand a chance to survive. Though, as you might have already understood, the game will become more and more complicated with new night. You will meet new characters, which will turn your night into a complete nightmare. The last night is like the super boss in other games, and it is obvious that it should be more difficult, than the previous ones. Well, the game’s name states that it should be this way, so why don’t you fear a bit?

So, the game is very simple, and it doesn’t have extraordinary graphics, which make people fall in love with it. Its cartoonish style may mislead you at first, but as soon as you start playing it, you will understand that it is really terrifying. The music in the game adds peculiar fear, and it will make you shiver, but this is why you chose horror game, isn’t it? The changing lights and soundtrack will make you feel like a victim, and you will definitely like this feeling, because this is why horror games are so popular. The overall style is completely remarkable, and you will fall in love with it. If not, you should play this game one more time: probably, you missed something, and if played next time, this game will open its secrets to you.