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Have you ever had troubling dreams, when everything turned into a complete nightmare? It’s awful, when you can’t stop your suffering within a dream. But if you watch somebody else’s dreams, everything becomes more interesting and much easier. Can you cope with other person’s fears? Here comes the game Arthur’s Nightmare, where you can become a character, who has to face serious problems, and you should help him cope with his fears. His name is Arthur, and he finds himself in a room, which seems to be very usual. You get the first task, where you need to find certain objects. Seems to be too easy, yes? Well, don’t be in a hurry, let’s see what will be next.

The graphics is very simple, and sometimes may be even called primitive, but nevertheless, you will find it somehow attractive. You feel alone in a house, which you have to explore. You will be given certain tasks, which you have to complete, but this won’t be so easy. You will scan every object to see, whether you can take it or not, and in case of the positive answer, the scale will become fuller. But after you find several objects, you will see that the atmosphere around you is getting darker. You feel how fear is rising inside of you, and your heart will start beating faster. You need to know what will come next, and soon you get the answer.

There are four nights in the game, and each of them has 10 items for you to find. They are placed everywhere, and you need to put a lot of efforts to complete this mission. And if you do this, then you stand a chance to leave the house. But, please, don’t think that the process of searching will be easy: you will face your fears and hear awful sound, which will make your blood still in your veins. You have four nights to try your luck, and every night will be more frightening than the previous one. The location stays unchanged, and you will be wandering about the house, trying to get out of there. If you want to scare yourself to death, this is a perfect chance.